To love and care for your skin is the most beautiful things that you can treat yourself; achieve more radiant & glowing skin is the best feeling you will ever have.

The deeper absorption of your facial products and better results with your skin. Vitamin C and Pumpkin, cucumber, tomato, potatoes… and many more fresh products rich in anti-aging Vitamin A, you will have your skin feeling fresh than ever, glowing and beautiful.

Call uss to book your facial your life to day.

Radiance Facial

Lift, brighten and tone

This next generation facial lifts and contors tissue by con – tracing facial muscles and infusing Vitamin C deep into the layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and cell turnover. Perfect for repairing sun damage, our Radiance Facial instantly leaves your skin firmer, brighter, and smoother.

Anti Aging Facial

Anti aging Facial is to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring while developing youthful, firm, elastic skin by using hot stone combination with our special coconut oil to soften your skin while removing the out layers of death skin leaving you with the most beautiful softest skin reducing wrinkles tremendously and you can feel th difference on your beautiful face.

Gentlemen Facial

Whether you’re a busy business man or a president of your big company, getting this amazing facial is the best treat that you can do for your self. We will deep cleansing and massage treating your skin and our expert estheticians will leave your skin in the best shape ever.

Regular Angels facials and face massages care for 25 minutes/ $65 and up

Member price $60 and up

50 minutes/ $90 and up

Member price $80 and up

Deluxe Angels Special facial & face massage combination of all of our best natural products to enhance the best of your skin. 75 minutes/ $120 and up

Member  price 75 minute/  $105 and up



When it comes to massages, Tensions is a thing of the past – enjoy a break from everyday and let yourself unwind.

Relax your body and calm your mind with a and soothing spa comforts. We’re here to ensure you feel  refreshed and revied with personalized your massage.

Benefits Of Massage

Massage therapy involves hands – on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body. An occasional massage leaves you feeling great, but regular massage can do so much more.

Call to book your massage, Tensions is a thing of the past-enjoy a break from the everyday and let yourself unwind.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stones are gently placed on the body to soften the skin while incorporating hand massage.

Hot stones help rapidly relax tight muscles, ease stiffess, and increase circulation.

Swedish Massage

Full – on coconuts, melt into relaxation as organic coconut melt is worked into your aching muscles for all – over hydration and a subtle glow. The most therapeutic massage treatment. Designed for those with muscle tension to feel totally relaxed and regenerate.

Deep tissue massages

A massage for those needing more attention to specific areas.

Targeted techniques focus on the deepest layers of muschle, tendon, and fascia. One of the most physically beneficial modalities, Deep Tissue provides relief for sore muscles, increases flexibility, and addresses issues from overuse, physical activity and muscle strain.

Pregnancy Massage

Our hightly trained massage therapists, will settle you into a safe, secure, and restful position. Using adaptable massage techniques appropriate for your stage of pregnancy, we ease the stress of your body and mind.

Regular price 25 minutes / $65

Member price $60

50 minutes/ $90 Member price $80

80 minutes/ $145 Member price $130

Sweetheart Couples Massage

50/ 80 minutes $85/ $135 Member price $80/$125

Share the experience of this relaxing side – by- side with the luxury Relaxing massage together. Couple massages is the perfect gift for your loved one in the comfort of our couples room!

Enjoy a side – by – side Swedish massage as our therapists melt away your daily tension, leaving you both feeling rejuvenated.

This personalized Swedish massage blends long, flowing, and circulatory strokes to restore calm to the mind and body, while increasing circulation and promoting deep relaxation.

Service Enhancements

Enjoy a mini – Spa treatment added into your treatment designed to enhance your massage or facial to add just a touch of extra luxury.

Enhancements are added as a part of select 50 and 80 minute service. $80/135$ Member price $80/$125